Clear Alligner

These are transparent trays to make a special wires and braces. In clear aligners, like envisaging can treat a different cases, including:


Crowded Teeth: The teeth overlap.


Underbites: The lower front teeth overlap with the upper front teeth.


Diastema: There are all small or large gaps between the teeth


Open Bites: The front upper and lower teeth slant outward and do not touch when the mouth is shut.


Misaligned Primary (Baby) Teeth : This treatment for children clear aligners can be used during phase dentist treatment to create a room for baby teeth and treatment for permanent teeth. This is a 6 and 10 years age of children’s for this treatment.

Align ears are the very comfortable choice, in their are a certain things need to keep it in your mind. Orthodontist will give a set of guidelines should be followed. The aligners are ware for at least 20 hours a day for the effective results.


  1. when your brushing, flossing and eating you can remove the aligners.
  2. Never eat and drink anything hot.
  3. While you brush make sure that you brush your aligners in the same way. keep your aligners clean.
  4. your orthodontist give a box keep them safe in the box to prevent it from dirty.
  5. Fits smoothly on the teeth.
  6. Since removable, it is easy to maintain routine healthy Oral Care.

Clear aligners are treatment for all age groups, they are discreet, hassle-free and effective. It is more effective in the case of children.