In dental treatment, a crown is a cap or cover you can replace the crown in the damaged and missing tooth to its normal shape and size.

It protects the teeth and improves the way it looks. It supports a tooth that has a large filling when enough tooth structure remaining.

The Dentist may Recommend a Crown to:

  1.  Attach a bridge to replace missing teeth.
  2.  It covers a badly shaped
  3.  Discolored tooth
  4.  Cover a dental implant
  5.  Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  6.  Restore a fractured tooth

A dental crown fits over teeth, while dental bridges are composed of dental crowns with a duplicate tooth, in between that fits in the gap left by missing teeth.
Dentists make an impression of the tooth to receive the crown. That tooth to receive the dental crown will also make sure that the crown will not effect.

What’s the need for a Crown:

  1.  The tooth has been weakened by having a very large filling.
  2.  In accident teeth are damaged.
  3.  It helps a bridge and denture firmly in place.
  4.  It has a root filling which will need a crown to protect it.
  5. In discolored fillings and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth.

How long do dental crowns:

Crowns are still fractured and cavities, and it is important to take extra care in flossing around crowns teeth and brushing them from needing replacement. The crowns last average from 10 to 20 the crown will fit, your dentist builds up the core of the tooth.

The permeant crown is made to protect your teeth, a temporary crown is placed. Making a permeant crown it will take less than 2 weeks. You have a temporary crown, in that time the teeth may sensitive to avoid hot and cold items, chewing gum, and eating sticky foods. The dentist has special equipment you can get the permeant crown on the same day.

The permeant crown is ready, the dentist makes the necessary adjustments and checks how it looks and feels the crown is cemented into place.