Dentist determine tooth extractions so many reasons, some teeth are extracted they are severally decayed. Advanced periodontal disease like broken a teeth that can not be repair.

Other teeth need removal they are poorly positioned in the mouth. In dental extractions want to keep their teeth to protect their smile. A wisdom tooth extractions is a routine procedure . The area in your mouth with local anesthesia are a sleep during the procedure.

Types of Extraction: 

Extraction are two types their are:

  1. Simple
  2. Surgical

Simple: A simple dental extraction is dental tools used to pull out the tooth. It is use local anesthesia procedure, that are visible and easily accessible.


Surgical: Surgical extractions is performed the damaged teeth is not accessible and is impacted. The connective teeth issues so that the tooth can be removed.

Prepare for a Tooth Extraction:

When the treatment start the treatment before the scheduling the dentist will tack an X-ray of your teeth and dentist tell the medications as like vitamins, supplements . And also tell if you will soon medical conditions is called bisphosphonate. The extraction done the drug treatment, you jaw could be risk for bone death. The dentist will tell about the below conditions.

  1.  Diabetes
  2.  Renal disease
  3.  An artificial joint
  4.  Bacterial endocarditis
  5.  Adrenal disease
  6.  Hypertension
  7.  Damaged heart valves
  8.  Thyroid disease
  9.  Liver disease
  10.  Immune system 

What to Expect With Tooth Extraction:


Dentist have a special training to perform surgery for tooth extractions. The dentist will give an injection of an local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be removed this process is before pulling the teeth. It will prevent pain all your body and make you sleep through the treatment.