Orthodontics is the most important branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment for overall conditions of crooked and misaligned teeth, spaces between teeth or bad bites, and overlapping teeth. This treatment improves the appearance of a contributes an individual towards overall health.

It involves different types of appliances used to slowly move teeth, retrain muscles, it affects your jaw’s growth placing gentle pressure on your teeth and jaw. Orthodontist treatment is changing the position of teeth to be straight and aligned. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes if the person has a better smile.

Some people have crooked teeth that don’t fit together correctly and it can affect your smile. Orthodontic treatment can help easily straighten your teeth and correct your bite.it can be done to treat any type of malocclusion and also saying a bad bit. malocclusion means your lips, teeth, and jaws do not line up correctly.


Dr. Reddy’s hospital’s team approaches problems like a patient with mutation or with jaw asymmetries or abnormalities are treated with expertise and great coordination. The orthodontics department in coordination with the maxillofacial surgery team has done, any surgical procedures for the patient’s jaw problems.

The most important considerations before the start of the treatment is the time taken for the completion of it. Treatment depending facial on the patient’s growth and the severity of the problem. Early procedures may take less time or longer duration depending on the severity of the problem.

An improper smile can make teeth harder and more painful to floss, leading to poor oral hygiene in this particular region—which can affect your health. orthodontists use surgical screws, wires, and support jaw bone.


Orthodontist Treatment Aims to Achieve:


  1. Straighten crooked teeth
  2. Your teeth and jaw are properly aligned
  3. Close gaps between teeth
  4. Improve chewing ability
  5. Mend improper bite